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Forget Me Not

The Forget Me Not program is a lovely way to remember and honor the sewers in our lives. So many memories, so many stories surround the art of sewing. It could be a special memory of someone teaching us to sew, sewing something special for us, or perhaps a memory of someone to whom sewing meant so much.

Sewing allows us to create and to share our love, stitch by stitch, with others.

Families and friends may choose to remember a beloved stitcher with a donation to The Sewing Machine Project. Recently, the family of a quilter who had passed away suggested The Sewing Machine Project as a place to send memorials, thus allowing her memory to live on by giving others the chance to sew. Sewing guilds and community groups sometimes pool their resources with a donation to remember a beloved sewer.

We thank everyone who makes a donation and helps us to sustain our mission. This page honors those in whose names gifts were given.

Donors and Memories

Mary O’Connor and Bob Bocher in honor of Kitty O’Connor
Barbara Davison in honor of Auntie
Robert and Madelyn John in honor of Estelle John
Glen and Sally Lee in honor of Wanda Asleson
Cathy Nelson in honor of Aunt Victoria
Suzi Orlebeke in honor of Neva Grace
Bev and Mike Sheeley in honor of Frances Kiekl Ibach & Frances Morrell Ibach
Ken and Liz Sorge in honor of Jim and Ruth Knutson
Susan and Derek VanMell in honor of Ruth Cripe
Marian Walluks in honor of Vera Holzschuh
Ann and Bob Ward in honor of Judy Brewer Herman
Sandy Wright in honor of Wendy Wright Collins
Barbara Essock in honor of Robert Essock
Janice Marshal in honor of her Birthday Group (Marilyn, Megan, Jackie, Brenda, Juanice, Carolyn, Jeannie, Melinda & Diane)
Lisabeth Searing in honor of mothers and grandmothers
Debbie Lane in honor of Ruth Shinhdser
Annette Wageman in honor of Cecil Marie Loges
Childrens’ Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley, Karen Savage, Stephanie Ramstad, Sara Mooney, Jenifer Camel, Mark Sundquist(2), Karen Kraemer all in memory of Viola Kraemer
Karen Williams Dunn in honor of Ruth E. Johnson
Betty Wood in honor of her sister in law, Wendy
Barbara Kopp in honor of Jeanne Miller
Molly Wood in honor of her mom, Wendy
Joellyn Quinn in honor of her mom, Margaret Zimmerman
George Mueller in honor of The Piecemakers of Plymouth Church in Milwaukee
Valerie LePretre in honor of her grandmother, Lyda B. Castille
The Percy Family in honor of Migs Percy
Del and Gail Underbakke in honor of Sophia Gail Hollar
Sandra and Eric Billman in honor of Fred H. Page
Jane Miller in honor of Peggy Louise Goodwin
Nancy Hackes in honor of Donna Caraccio
Deb and Gerry Baer in honor of Eileen Fahrney
Elizabeth Wallman in honor of Betty Burnham
Del and Gail Underbakke in honor of Sophie Hollar and Jackson Fossum
Debra Stout Tewalt in honor of Katie Schultz Stout
Robert Rossmiller in honor of Ann Lechelt
Traci Reust in honor of Lee Davis and Mae Dempsey
Joellyn Quinn in honor of The DeSoto Sewing Friends
Patti Piper in honor of Robert (Bobby) Wilson
Greg and Chris Percy in honor of Margaret Percy
Ellen M. O’Brien in honor of the Bennet Prairie Lutheran Church Quilting Ladies
Kathleen A. Mahoney in honor of Elizabeth J. Albrecht
Helen Loeser in honor of Shosh Teitel, who “sewed” her family together
Carolyn Kallenborn in honor of Margaret Franke
Peggy Kaler in honor of Eileen Gimer
Betty Evans in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frazier and Henry Frazier, Jr.
Barbara Essock in honor of Robert Essock
Barbara and Carl Davison in honor of Auntie Carmella
Doug and Mary Daul in honor of Helen Daul
Joan Collins in honor of Kay Cooper
Grace Binkley in honor of Kathleen Boyanowski
John and Mary Onkka in honor of Dolores Onkka
Suzanne and Andrew Plummer in honor of their children and grandchildren
Elizabeth Pinkerton in honor of Andrea Plassman
Carolyn Pieper Benforado in honor of Lois Pieper, Rachel T. Hoagland and Doris Martyn
David and Nancy Hackes in honor of Donna Caraccio
Sally Schultz in honor of Jim Schultz, Janet Schultz-Schneider and Bob Wilson
Barbara and Carl Davison in honor of Mom
Cynthia Pickering in honor of Aunt Helene
Elizabeth Tempus in honor of Dagny Ashton
Louise Furjanic in honor of Dagny Ashton
Elizabeth Ashton in honor of Dagny Ashton
Alexandra Wright in honor of Gayfeather Fabrics
Mary Vlisides in honor of Peter S. Vlisides
Chris and Greg Percy in honor of Migs Percy
Grace Binkley in honor of Kathleen Boyanowski
Jane Miller/East Side Bags in honor of Josephine Fischer
Pat Coakley in honor of  Victoria Kachan
Karen McCulloch in honor of Eleanor Ansay
Debra Tewalt in honor of Katie Schultz Stout (many donations)
Kathy Kieler in memory of her mother, Jeanne Russell
Marian Walluks in memory of her mother, Vera Holzschuh(many donations)
Charles Dykman in memory of Ruth Anne Dykman
Sally M. Schultz in memory of Janet and Jim Schultz
Ingeborg Kelly in honor of Linda Linsenbarth
Elaine Axtell-Thomas in honor of her “bookend friend”, Mary Schroeder
Linda Haselwander in memory of her grandmother, Mildred Ryan and her Mother
Cynthia Ward in memory of Sophie Bank Liebert
Shirley Maurice in memory of her grandma, Emilie Ulm
Robert and Linda Foley in honor of Katie Schultz Stout
Kathryn Knoll in memory of Sally Hooks (many donations)
Holly Masulis in memory of Dorothy Sturla and Lupe Serrano
Barb Davison in memory of Mom
Kathy Kieler in memory of Jeanne Russell and in honor of Joan Kieler
Joan and Caroline Brock in honor of Carola Breckbill



4 Comments to Forget Me Not

  1. Beatrice Kimani's Gravatar Beatrice Kimani
    March 13, 2012 at 2:25 am | Permalink

    I’m from Kenya and would like to get more in touch with you, How can I receive a sewing machine from you?

  2. September 12, 2013 at 9:25 am | Permalink

    i have a DeSoto treadle sewing machine can you tell where I can get information about this brand this machine has a shuttle and uses the long bobbin just would like the history on it ,we saved it from being trashed

    thank you


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